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KHC-600D Pipe Hole Opening
Effective cutting diameter:Ø 80~Ø 600 mm (3-1/8 ~ 23 inch)
Vertical torch stroke:0~100 mm (0 ~ 4 inch)
Cutting thicknes:s 5~30 mm (1/4~1-1/4 inch)
Cutting speed:0,12~1,2 rpm
Bevel angle:0° ~ 45°
Ratio between branch and main pipe diameters:1:2 or more
Main pipe diameter:800 mm or more (for standard stand)
Motor:15W, 5.000 rpm DC shunt motor
Speed control:SCR control
Machine dimensions:760 mm (high) x 1.050 mm (long) x 500 mm (wide) (30x41x19 inch)
Weight:26 kg (57,2 lbs)
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