General Info

Machine structure Gantry style, dual side drive
Control panel Left-hand use  (Right-hand optional)
Drive system Backlash free AC-drives
Effective cutting width 2.600 / 3.100 / 3.600 / 4.100 mm
Effective cutting length Rail length -1.750 mm
Rail Precision machined railway rails,
increments of 3.000 mm
Torch support Steel band quick clamping device
Max. cutting speed 6.000 mm/min
Marking speed 9.000 mm/min
Rapid traverse speed 15.000 mm/min
CNC unit Burny Phantom
Number of tools 6 torches (2 plasma max.)
Minimum torch distance 125 mm
Pre-heat gas control Hi-Low pre-heat gas control system
Power supply voltage 230 V – 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Available plasma power sources KOIKE Super 400 Plus
Hypertherm HSD & HPR-Series
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