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IK-70 (600) /IK-70 (1000)

Automatically and accurately flame cuts a wide range of circles sizes
Bevel cut or I-Cut possible.

Cutting diameter:IK-70 (600): 30 ~ 600mm
:IK-70 (1000): 30 ~ 1,000mm
Plate thickness:5 ~ 50mm
Torch rotation:IK-70 (600): 0.2 ~ 6.0 rpm
:IK-70 (1000): 0.04 ~ 1.5 rpm
Edge Shape:Bevel cut or I-Cut
Control:15W DC, motor SCR control
Power:AC 100V/200V, 50/60cycles
Weight (with stand):IK-70 (600): 25kg / IK-70 (1000): 55kg
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