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Beveler B16
Bevel width:16mm
Net Weight:aprox. 15kg
Power input:1100W
Voltage:230V/ 50Hz
No Load r.p.m.:3000
Bevel width:15° - 12 mm / 30° - 14 mm / 37,5° - 15,6 mm / 45° - 16 mm / 60° - 12,7 mm
Net Weight:15 kg
Dimension:475 mm x 296 mm x 247 mm
Note:12 Indexable carbide inserts
:Max. width of bevel 16 mm

The electric Beveler B16 comes with an AC induction motor which offers longer durability and lower noise, as well as its high torque The milling angle is adjustable progressively from 15°to 60°with a maximum width of bevel 16 mm. With weight only 15kg, its very handy, compact and robust design allows for easy handling and convenient for constructional operation


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